Songs in Word

15 Now
A Prayer for Medicare
A Profiling Opera
Afghan Smart Bombs
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
And the Band Played on
Angela’s Marrying a Corporation
Another Four Years
Another Way
At Last
Axis of Evil

Back of the Bus
Back of the Bus 2
Bad Old Days
Ban Nukes
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Be Kind to Your Corporate Friends
Beatles Medley
Beneath the Nuclear Umbrella
Beware Free Trade
Bicycle Song
Billions and Billions
Blackwater Men
Blackwater on the Range
Blackwater, Blackwater
Blues on the Right
Bomb Iraq
Bring Back Our Tax Dollars
Bring ‘Em Home, Georgie
Bring the Billions Home
Bring the Troops Back Home
Bush Barrel Polka 2007
Buy Buy Our Brand

Campaign Finance reform
Campaign Time
Can You Hear Me Now, Verizon
Capitol Ship
Cast Your Vote
Charlie on the Metro Bus
Chemical Restaurant
Cheney-Reichert-Rove Rally
Christmas 1994
Church and State
Circle Chant
Cleanup Is Job Number One
Clean Up the Waste
Cleanup Hanford
Clearcut the Forest
Coal Cars
Coal Train
Congress Wants Our Social Security
Corporate Farm
Corporate Free Schools
Corporate Veggies
Corporation Green
Corporations Are Persons Now
Criminal Grans
Cuba Cha Cha Cha
Cycle of Abuse

Danger in the Night
Dangerous Grannies
Dangerous Grans
Deck the Halls (Nuclear Folly)
Democracy, Hypocrisy
Democracy’s a Dream
Dioxin, What a Toxin
Diversity, Humanity
Divest, Divest
Dolphin Song
Domestic Violence
Don’t Bomb Iraq
Don’t Buy Eden Foods
Don’t Make War on the Axis
Doo Dah- Immigrants
Doo Dah
Down By The Riverside
Down Ol’ Hanford Way
Dream of Peace

Eighty-Seven Billion
End of FFTF
Enough Is Enough
Estamos Trabajandro
Even Pipelines Take a Leak
Exploding Oil Trains
Extraordinary Rendition

Farewell to Karl Rove
Fast Flux Shutdown
FBI Is All Over Town
Five of Us
Food, Horrible Food
Fraud’s What It’s All About
Free Market Trot
From The Prisons of Guantanamo
Full Sovereignty

Gaggle Against Abuse
Gaggle Against Caps
Gaggle Against Coal
Gaggle Against Cuts
Gaggle against Dioxins
Gaggle Against Everything
Gaggle Against Foreclosures
Gaggle Against FTAA
Gaggle Against G.E.S
Gaggle Against Greed
Gaggle Against Guns
Gaggle Against Hate
Gaggle Against Hate- 2
Gaggle Against Hate (GLBT)
Gaggle to Amend
Gaggle Song for One Billion Rising
Gaggle No More Nukes
Gaggle Hanford Fix those leaks
Gaggle for Peace
Gaggle for Gun Free Zones
Gaggle Against Keystone Pipeline
Gaggle Against SOA
Gaggle Against War
Gaggle Against WTO
Gaggle for Gun Free Zones
Gaggle for Peace
Gaggle Hanford Fix those leaks
Gaggle No More Nukes
Gaggle Song for One Billion Rising
Gaggle to Amend
Gaggle to Impeach
Gaggle to Save the Trees
Gaggle to Save the World
Gay Pride Comes to Town
George Bush
Georgie, Georgie
Georgy Porgy
Get Out and Vote
Get Out Now Afghan
Get Out Now
Get Out the Voters
Get Outta Town
Get Together and Save the Forest
Getting Together
Give Me a Home Where the Rivers Don’t Foam
Give Us a Beach
Glory, Glory Haliburton
Glory, Glory Profiteering
GM Foods Are Good for Me
Gonna Study Peace Not War
Goodby Birth Control
Goodbye Boehner\Got Gas
Grandma’s Fate
Grannies Against Stuff
Grannies Against War Toys
Grannies Come Marching In
Granny With an Attitude
Groped by the TSA
Grow GDP, Grow GDP
Guns and Bombs

Half the Sky
Hanford Bubble
Hanford Cleanup (1-22-02)
Hanford Cleanup (3-6-9)
Hanford Cleanup
Hanford Hearing (10-18-99)
Hanford Hearing 2000
Hanford Victory (1-31-99)
Hanford Victory Party
Hang Down Your Head
Happy 60th Birthday Annette
Happy Birthday Rosy
Happy Birthday Shirley 2012
Healthcare Song- 2
Healthcare Song
Heard It Through the Popevine
Hey Look Us Over
Hinda’s Birthday Song
Hokus Pokus
Housing Song
How Much Is This War Going to Cost Us
Hush Little Planet

I Had an SUV
I Loved My Civil Rights
If I Only Had a Brain
If You’re Happy and You Know It
Immigration (Reuben Reuben)
Immigration Song – Xmas
Immigration Song (Jingle Bells)
Impeachable Crew
Impeachment in the Wind
Imprisoned in Guantanamo
Initiative 297
Introduction to Grannies
Invincible Shirley Morrison
Iraq Sanctions
Iraq Smart Bombs
It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More(2)
It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More
It Ain’t Necessarily So
It’s a Grand Old Flag
It’s a Sad Old Flag
It’s Later Than You Think(Hanford)
It’s Later Than You Think
It’s Time for an Income Tax

Jingle Bells
Jobless Recovery
Just Say No to War

Katrina Rap

Laurie Welcome Portland Raging Grannies
Legitimate Rape
Less Wealth for the Rich and War
Let the Whole World Sing
Let’s Bring Johnny Home
Let’s Impeach the President
Liberation Rap
Listen Congress
Little Brown Drugs
Little Voices
Lobby Days Are Here Again
Look Around You
Look at Wal-Mart

Mammogram Song
Medicare Battle Hymn
Missile Shield
Mockingbird Schools
Money Isn’t Anything but Speech, Baby
Monsanto Song
Move Your Money
My Least Favorite Things

Nike Town
No More Beef
No More Waste
No Taxes for FFTF
No Taxes for the Stadium
Now the Cold War Is Over
Now’s the Time to Raise Our Voices
Nuclear Happy Birthday

Obama, We Don’t Need the War
Obama, We Don’t Need the Wars
Ode to the Mentally Ill
Oh medicare
Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be
Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem
Oh, Little Town of Gaza
Oh, North KoreaOh
On the Streets Where We Live
On the Sunni Side of the Street
On Top in the White House
On Top of Old Smokey
On Wisconsin
Our Favorite Things
Over There

P.O.P. (Persistent Organic Pollutants)
Pack Up Your Missiles
Pack Up Your Missles
Peace in the World
Peace Is Breaking Out All Over
Peace Peace
Peace, Peace (against gender violence)
Polychlorinated Biphenols
Prime Time Slime
Profiling Opera
Profit Bells
PTP’S (Persistent Toxic Pollutants)
Public Involvement
Put It on the Ground

Qatar WTO

Radical Environmentalist Xon Pipeline
Radical Environmentalists
Radical New Economists
Radioactive Thyroids
Raging Grannies Are Conspiring
Real Health Care We Cry
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
R-E-S-P-E-C-T one page
R-E-S-P-E-C-T slimmed down
Rockabye Baby
Roll Out the (Pork) Barrel
Roll Out the Log Trucks

Safe Sex
Saints- Coal
Saints- Environment
Saints for Peace
Saints- Health, Mental Health
Saints- Human Rights
Saints- Labor
Saints- Mental Health
Saints- War
Saints- Welfare
Santa Bush 2007
Santa Bush
Santa Doesn’t Like War Toys
Scary Blues
School of the Americas