Blackwater, Blackwater

  • tune: My Favorite Things

Blackwater, Blackwater, what are you hiding?
Killing’s your business and that you’re providing.
Our gov’ment’s paying a ton for your skills.
You do your job but we’re paying your bills.

Blackwater, you tell us you’re bringing order.
No laws can stop you, no country, no border.
You kill and maim indiscriminately.
Your deed will be found out ultimately.

Blackwater, Blackwater, our gov’ment loves you.
Federal contracts they’re happy to renew.
Iraqi people want none of your crew.
Your mercenaries in in New Orleans, too!

  • When you murder,
    When you dogs rape,
    When we’re horrified
    You’ ll be brought to justice,
    You’ll never escape.
    And you will be vilified
    And we will be satisfied.