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Immigrant Rights (McNamara’s Band)

  • tune: McNamara’s Band

Oh, we ARE the might empire, We pick and choose our guests,
Europeans welcome here – But Mexicans are pests.
We’re ALL in love with family – The Mexicans who come to work
Must leave their children home.

    Stand up and fight for immigrant rights
    They come to work – don’t slam the door
    Stand up and shout with all your might
    We’re all created equal.
    Not some less and others more.

I HAVE a friend who’s Mexican –She brightens up my day.
She wishes she could visit home – But danger marks the way.
War profiteers such all the cash – And we see that as fine.
A Mex’can crossing the RIO Grande – Is a very serious crime.


Free traders like to build a wall – So only cash gets through.
If all the riches travel north – The people will come too.
Corn used to be a source of life – And rural people thrived.
But now it’s a commodity – We go north to survive.


Estamos Trabajandro

  • tune: “Yellow Rose of Texas”

When YOU exploit your workers
You SAVE a buck or two.
But immigrants are people,
And THEY have feelings, too.
When F AMILES have no healthcare
It’s NOT just their concern;
It HURTS the whole community
When THEY’VE nowhere to turn.

Est-amos trabajando por la justicia,
Queremos beneficios para las familias,
Queremos apoyarles en su buena lucha,
Vivimos todos juntos en la comunidad.

Laws tat punish immigrants
Are really lousy bills.
Let’s SEND them back to Congress,
‘Cause we have had our fill!
We Grannies say that immigrants
Deserve a decent wage
And schoolrooms for their children,
Or else you’ll hear us rage.


EVERY human being
Must be legal in our land,
And LIVE with rights and dignity,
For THAT we’ll take a stand!
We WELCOME every immigrant
From EVERY distant shore.
We’re TIRED of these racist laws!
We Grannies say “no more!”


The Immigrants’ Song

  • tune: Don’t Fence Me In

Oh, give us space, a little space,
Beneath the starry skies above.
Don’t kick us out!
Let us live and work
In this country that we love.
Don’t fence us out!

Like other immigrants who come here, poor and hungry,
We work hard and we spend our money,
Let us all be citizens of this fair country.
Don’t fence us out!

Oh, give us space, a little space,
Beneath the starry skies above.
Don’t kick us out!
Let us live and work
In this country that we love.
Don’t fence us out!

Workers come from other lands
To make the U.S. strong.
Like us they earned the right to say,
“It’s where we all belong!”
“My Country, “Tis of Thee”
Can be our national song.
Don’t kick us out!

Immigration- Xmas tune

  • tune: Jingle Bells

Grannies sing! Listen! Learn!
Important news you’ll hear:
We welcome immigrants to work
From any hemisphere.

Hear their plight. Don’t lose sight
Of struggles they have known.
Now they’ve come to work with us
And a place to call their own.

Immigration is the way
Our country came to be,
But problems do abound
As you will clearly see.
Some wages that they get
Are blatantly unfair.
It’s something we decry:
The system needs repair!

Night and day, little pay,
Quite close to slavery.
We must push for fairness
And commend their bravery.

Open border! Open hearts!
Display humanity.
Workers from all walks of life
Enrich democracy.

Immigration, I’ve Been Thinking

  • tune: Reuben, Reuben

Immigration – I’ve been thinking
What a grand world this would be
If we all were treated fairly –
Honest workers, you and me.

Separating moms from children,
We know that just can’t be right.
Off to lives that don’t include them
When will we all see the light?

Dads and moms are working tough jobs
Jobs that WE don’t want to do
Then it’s said that jobs are stolen
Don’t believe it – it’s not true!

Let us not forget our his’try,
Roots that came from far away.
Can we treat these new arrivals
Dif-er-ent-ly? NO WE SAY!

Arizona’s an example
Of the worst thing we can do
Let’s get rid of racist thinking
We were immigrants once too!

Doo Dah – Immigrants

  • tune: Camptown Racetrack

We’re the Raging Grannies
Joinin’ the fight,.
Doo dah, doo dah.
Singin’ out
For immigrants’ rights
All the doo dah day!

    • Gonna rage and roar!
      Gonna sing out loud!
      Singin’ for the rights of immigrants
      Singin’ strong and proud.

Deportation is all wrong
Immigrants need health benefits
And highter wages too!

  • It’s time to rage out loud,
    For human dignity:
    ALL folks must be treated fair,
    That’s plain as it can be.

Many of our fam’lies were immigrants
Came from a-far.
We understand what brought them here,
But now we’ve raised the bar.

  • Time for us to say
    That immigrants can stay.
    We demand their right to be here now.
    That’s the American way!