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Military Style Chant (Call and Response)

I don’t know but I’ve been told
– Recruiters getting’ way too bold
Hear closely what recruiters say
– They will trick you anyway
We hear they fib, we hear they lie
– They don’t’ tell you, you might die!
There’s a quota they must fill
– They send you off, you get killed
If you listen to their lies

You can kiss your ****(life) goodbye
– If you get sent to Iraq
You, my dear, might not come back
– Don’t count on those benefits.
They’ll leave you flat if you get sick.

Call: Sound off!
Response: Sound off!

Call: Sound off!
Response: Sound off!

All: Sound off – one, two, three, four…….NO WAR!!

Let’s Bring Johnny Home

  • by Georgie Kunkel
  • tune: When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Let’s BRING Johnny home, don’t hesitate,
Today, today!
Let’s BRING Johnny home before it’s late,
To stay, to stay!
We will stop the guns and the plans for war,
Keep the DRAFT away from our door,
And we’ll all have peace when
Johnny comes marching home.

Let’s OUTLAW the draft of John and Jane,
Hey, hey! Hey, hey!
Let’s never allow a kid of ours
To stray, to stray!
We will teach them ways to negotiate,
Rid the world of the scourge of hate,
And we’ll all have peace
When Johnny and Jane come home!
(Slow) When Johnny and Jane (shout) come home.