My Country, Who’s Next? Me?

(tune of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”)
(Original protest version by unknown author on Blog for Arizona )
Revised by Lee for Tucson Raging Grannies 02/28/18

Class-rooms, where all can see
gun deaths and mis-er-y!
That’s why we ROAR!
Schools where our kids have died
as Con-gress runs to hide,
the N RA by their side

Some teach-ers died for kids
took bull-ets meant for kids
Their names we love!
All those live shoot-er drills
Yet man-y still were killed!
Our hea-earts a-are sor-row filled!
seeing so much blood!

Kids have come to the fore
de-mand-ing we take more
con-trol of guns!
That is what it will take
to make our schoo-ools safe!
Gun nuts and all who hate!
You-ur time is done!