Be Kind to You Corporate Friends

  • tune:  Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends

Be kind to your corporate friends.
that CEO may be somebody’s father..
Be kind to those guys at the top,
Or your kick-back just might stop.
We see that they make lots of dough,
And they say we can share in the P-i-e.
But we are not stupid or slow,
And we know this is a lie.
Be kind to your corporate friends.
They may be your key to employment..
Be kind to those boys in the suits
If you want to share the loot.
Learn to golf and to choose the best wine.
Feel at home in a very select class.
In the world of the corporate elite,
Play the game—and—KISS ASS! (SMACK LIPS)
You MAY think that this is the end—
And it is! (smack lips three times)