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Stand and Deliver

  • tune: Sweet Betsy from Pike
     by Carolyn Hale

Come all you great leaders at Olympia’s heart—
Don’t fail the needy, please do your part.
We hear you support us, but wait in the cold.
Funded programs are coming, we’ve been told and told.

The counselors are caring, but they need real pay,
And time to help clients, not just wave “g’day.”
If we can fund stadiums, fund care programs, too!
Let caring increase! We are talking to you!

There a proven care program call PACT to consider.
Set’s stand up together and show: NOW DELIVER!
Come all you great leaders at Olympia’s heart!
Yes, hear our plea and please do your part.
Singin’ too rah di oo rah li oo rah li ay.
Sing’ too rah lioo rah li oo rah li ay!

Take Care of You!

  • by Lenore Arnaustoff, Carolyn Hale, Hinda Kipnis, Ann Smith
  • tune: Enjoy Yourself. It’s Later Than You Think

Take care of you! You have so much to do.
Take care of you! Yor work is never through.
You can say no! Cause you’re important too.
Take care of you. Take care of you.
So you can make it through.

Take care of you! The stress piles on so thick.
Take care or it will make you very sick.
Blood pressure builds, attack or stroke you pick.
Take care of you. Take care of you.
Or helping days end quick!

Take care of you! It’s good to have a friend.
Take care of you! Support must never end.
We need you here! You have your life to tend.
Take care of you! Take care of you!
Before you round the bend!

Take care of you! Get out on your bike.
Take care of you! Go out on a hike.
Make some time for playing like a tyke.
Enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself!
Do something that you like!

Scary Blues

  • by Carolyn Hale, Laurie Rostholder, Monica Zucker 
  • tune: Button Up Your Overcoat

I am seeing scary things.
No one does but me.
I can’t afford my meds.
Why aren’t they free?

Spent three days in hospital,
Gave me some bus fare.
Is there a place for me?
Can’t remember where.

Do I have food to eat?—no, no.
Place to sleep?—no, no.
Care and friends?—no, no.
Make a scene and end up in the pokey.

Fewer beds are there for me.
I need help, not jail.
We need to organize—
Must the system fail?

Ode to the Mentally Ill

  • by Carolyn Hale
  • tune: I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy

Mental illness, hell, I’m (we’re) crazy,
But there is a person here.
I am (we are) taking medication
Whose names make me (us) despair.

Every day we are courageous.
People need to know the scoop:
We need housing,
We need jobs,
We need kind attention
To be a member of a group.

We’re not strangers and we’re lonely.
Why don’t you want us around.
We’re ignored and forgotten—
No wonder our anger abounds.

No one seems to want to help us
With the services we need.
Fifty million suffering persons
Waiting for acceptance—
One in four is in your family! (whisper: WOW!)