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Divest, Divest

  • by Shirley Morrison
    tune: “Hi Ho, Hi Ho”

Divest, Divest
From fossil fuels, less
We spew out too much CO2
Earth needs a rest.

Let’s protest
To keep all oil and coal and gas
Deep down inside the Earth
Then we’ll

Invest, yes,
Then we’ll re-invest
In energy that’s
Clean and Green
But now DIVEST!!!!!!

There’s No Business Like Clothes Business

  • by Shirley Morrison
  • tune: There’s No Business Like Show Business

There’s no business like clothes business,
The best business we know.
New clothes are so hip and sexy!
Throw out last year’s wardrobe, toss it all!
Nowhere can you get that special feeling,
Like when you’re shopping at the mall.

There’s no business like clothes business,
The best business we know.
HUSKIES, GAP and NIKE make you feel so great!
But those poor workers, what a fate—
Starving wages, bad conditions they endure—
But, shop on for the show!!!

Look Around You

  • Shirley Morrison and Kay Thode
  • tune: Clementine

Look around you, see the people
Who are working everyday
For the kind of world we all want,
Where healthy children laugh and play
A world with no more nuclear arms,
Guns are banned and want is rare,
Where all races live together,
Everyone has good health care.

  • Equal rights and equal wages,
    Social justice on the earth,
    No pollution on the planet,
    A new world will come to birth.
    Look around you see the people
    Who are working everyday
    For a world of peace and plenty
    Where the grandkids laugh and play.

Hinda’s Birthday Song (2011)

  • by Shirley Morrison
  • tune: Bicycle Built for Two

Hinda’s Birthday,
We celebrate today.
She’s SO serious,
But she also likes to play.
Now she’s an octogenarian,
But not a true vegetarian.
She eats some meat, but rarely a sweet,
Goes swimming most every day.

Hinda is a –
Dancer and actress, too.
Walked for miles to
See a Seattle view.
On stage with our hostess Becca,
In Playback improvisation,
They used their ima-ginations to
PlayBack a story or two.

Hinda’s family’s
Here to celebrate.
Raisa and Adam,
Their children can hardly wait
To fly up from California
To visit their dear Grandma.
Elliana is 5, Amalie 2.
Grandma Hinda is happy, ’tis true.

There’s Ben Louis,
Hinda’s handsome son.
There’s another name for him.
He is the only one.
Seattle’s Best Auto Mechanic,
But please don’t make him panic.
He won’t say “No”,
He’s thorough but, oh,
Don’t call him all at once.

Hinda joins a
Rather exclusive clan.
4 other active grans
Are octogenarians.
And next month 3 more will join us.
We’ll give them all a chorus.
For 80 is
A milestone to mark,
And Hinda enjoys it with you.