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Free Speech

  • tune: ‘My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean’)
    by Ann Smith

‘Twas in the 2000 election,
It seems very clear to us all now,
The thing that we lost was our voice.
We’re told by most all of our leaders
That we should not dare criticize,
They say that our Nancy Pelosi
Should retract and apologize.

  • Chorus:
    Bring back, bring back,
    Oh bring back my Free Speech to me, to me,
    Bring back, bring back,
    Oh bring back my Free Speech to me.

It’s really the whole truth that hurts the.
All Nancy did was to state fact.
Now Nancy’s persona-non-grata
To Bush and the Patriot Act.
Our soldiers are fighting and dying
For freedoms they thought that we had.
But truth and free speech are now victims
Of policies cruel and bad!

  • Chorus:
    Speak out, speak out,
    Bring back Free Speech to us, one and all
    Speak out, speak out
    Bring back Free Speech to us all.

Take Care of You!

  • by Lenore Arnaustoff, Carolyn Hale, Hinda Kipnis, Ann Smith
  • tune: Enjoy Yourself. It’s Later Than You Think

Take care of you! You have so much to do.
Take care of you! Yor work is never through.
You can say no! Cause you’re important too.
Take care of you. Take care of you.
So you can make it through.

Take care of you! The stress piles on so thick.
Take care or it will make you very sick.
Blood pressure builds, attack or stroke you pick.
Take care of you. Take care of you.
Or helping days end quick!

Take care of you! It’s good to have a friend.
Take care of you! Support must never end.
We need you here! You have your life to tend.
Take care of you! Take care of you!
Before you round the bend!

Take care of you! Get out on your bike.
Take care of you! Go out on a hike.
Make some time for playing like a tyke.
Enjoy yourself. Enjoy yourself!
Do something that you like!

Katrina Rap

  • by Ann Smith

Our government moves at a very slow pace.
They didn’t understand New Orleans was a race.
To save people, save lives, and pretend to care
For the needy, the poor, and the black who live there.
If this was a test, they utterly failed.
This negligent lot should be charged and jailed.
The next storm is coming—who knows where or when.
With Washington’s record—will they be ready then?

Democracy, Hypocrisy

  • by: Ann Smith
  • tune: Edelweiss

Democracy, hypocrisy—
How terribly muddled their meaning.
Truth and right, lies and fright—
What is the message we’re sending?

Freedom so precious
Must strengthen and grow,
Strengthen and grow forever.

Freedom’s plight:
Does might make right?
Make truth and justice the answer.
(Repeat last two verses)