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I’m a Little Toddler

    • tune: I’m a Little Teapot
      by Georgie Bright Kunkel

props: big teddy bear and a school bag

I’m a little toddler three years old
Preschool is what I need, I am told
If I learn to find a way to share
I’ll be happy anywhere
I’ll be happy anywhere

I can’t vote for preschool, you folks can
Putting me in line for the preschool van
There I’ll learn the skills I need for life
Saving me from war and strife
(softer): Saving me from war and strife


  • tune: Georgia on My Mind
    Georgie Kunkel

Trident, Trident, our death machine.
We adore our Trident nuclear submarine.
La la, la la, la la.
Bangor, Bangor, that place is fun,
When the Navy let’s us see
Its great big gun.
La la, la la,
La la la la,
La la la la la la,
La la, la la la,
La, la, la la la la,
La la, la la,
La la la la,
La la la la la la,
La la, la la la

We’re All Aging Well

  • by Georgie Kunkel
  • tune: New York, New York

We’re all aging well!
Can’t you really tell?
We walk our mile every day,
Our hearing’s okay.

We’ve changed to tofu.
We’re no longer blue.
We’ve dumped the meat off the grill,
Our body’s trim.

We’re going to find a way
To keep that old-fashioned charm,
And eating veggies galore
Right off the farm.

We’re traveling far
In our touring car.
We’re trying to go round the world
While we’re still young.
We’ll really celebrate
Before it is too late!
We’re living life
Right to the end
(Spoken) You’d better believe it!
We’re living life right to the end!


  • by Georgie Kunkel and Kay Thode
  • tune: Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

When he can’t get it up,
There’s a pill now at the bedside.
Viagra is a boy’s best friend.

It will thrill him, it will fill him,
With passion unrelenting,
If he has enough cash
To withstand the rash

Of blue tinted skin
And blood rushing in
While the drug companies
Rake in the dough.

When the mood is upon us
He’ll act like Adonis.
Viagra is a boy’s best friend.
There’s money in it!
Viagra is a boy’s best friend.

Let’s Bring Johnny Home

  • by Georgie Kunkel
  • tune: When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Let’s BRING Johnny home, don’t hesitate,
Today, today!
Let’s BRING Johnny home before it’s late,
To stay, to stay!
We will stop the guns and the plans for war,
Keep the DRAFT away from our door,
And we’ll all have peace when
Johnny comes marching home.

Let’s OUTLAW the draft of John and Jane,
Hey, hey! Hey, hey!
Let’s never allow a kid of ours
To stray, to stray!
We will teach them ways to negotiate,
Rid the world of the scourge of hate,
And we’ll all have peace
When Johnny and Jane come home!
(Slow) When Johnny and Jane (shout) come home.