Angela’s Marrying Corporate Person

  • tune: The Bells Are Ringing
  • by Laurie Rostholder from Anne Thureson’s ideas

Our Angela fell in love
With a corporation,
See how she looks at him
With such adoration.

If Corp’s really a person,
They should easily marry,
We really don’t get it,
Why the judge might be wary.

She’ll be so proud of him
When he doesn’t pay taxes,
Throws his money at
All those “super paxes”.

Will she really ignore
All the money he’ll pore,
Into buying our Congress
For perks evermore.

Will she become like him
All arrogance and greed,
What will their kids look like
When they start to breed?
(speak) Dollar signs, dollar signs
But we love our Angela
So we hope she’s content,
Cause we know that Corp
Will never repent.