Can You Hear Me Now, Verizon?

  • tune: Yellow Rose of Texas

Can you hear me now, Verizon?
This wake-up call’s for you.
You’re raking in the billions,
And pay no taxes, too.
And now you want your workers
To roll over and play dead,
But we’re not gonna take it!
And we’re risin’ up instead!

You’d outsource all your workers,
And slash their benefits,
Cut retirees off from health care –
That really gives us fits!
We’re sick of your tax dodging,
It’s a shameful greedy crime,
So we’ll stand with the workers
On Verizon’s picket line.


We’re done with being quiet,
While the rich live off the poor.
We’re tired of your greed,
And we won’t take it anymore.
We’ll strike against Verizon,
‘Til the corporations learn,
That the people now are risin’
To take back what we have earned!