• tune: Matilda
  • Chorus:
    Embargo, embargo, embargo
    The weather’s sunny but we can’t go Cuba!

Lost our pride at Bay of Pigs,
We get mad and flip our wigs.
Embargo, we keep our money
And punish Cuba!
No car parts, no school books, no light bulbs,
We keep our money and punish Cuba!

  • Chorus

But our friends in foreign lands
Don’t appreciate our plans.
Still we hold out; it may seem funny
But we’re punishing Cuba!
No gringos, no Game Boy, no Wal-mart,
I tell you, honey, they’re suffering in Cuba!

  • No voice mail,
    No Big Mac,
    No Enron!?
    Let’s take OUR money
    And all go Cuba!
  • Chorus: 2X