Free Market Trot

  • by Kay Thode
  • tune: Put Your Arms around Me, Honey

Market shares have risen, honey—ain’t it great!
Ten thousand workers were laid off, but— that’s their fate.
Oh, free markets are so nice,
But the workers pay the price.
Jobs have been exported to a—cross the seas.
Wages there are so much lower—if you please.
Who cares if wages are down,
In your old home town.

Oh, when the workers lose, the markets— rise and rise.
Profits are the only thing to—maximize.
Oh, oh, don’t you agree
That this shouldn’t be.

Wake up, workers, now it’s time to—rise and fight
NAFTA and FTAA with all your might.
Oh, free markets are so nice.
But the workers pay the price.
So if you want the workers to have— their fair share,
Join exploited workers here and—everywhere.
Fight for what is your due—
It is up to you!