Gaggle Against Abuse

Stop All Abuse

  • by Laurie Rostholder
  • tune: Side by Side

Oh, we’re a gaggle of grannies
Urging you off of your fannies
This message we send
Gender violence must end
Stop All Abuse

We demand wherever we’re living
To be safe from rape, threats and hitting
To be out of harm’s way
Hope is passé
Stop All Abuse

Women the world over
Have really had enough
We’re rising up today
We’re brave, loving, and tough

So join this gaggle of grannies
Get up off of your fannies
In wars and at home
We’re no longer alone
Stop All Abuse
We really mean it
Stop All Abuse
We mean precisely
Stop all Abuse
We will say it very nicely
Enough is Enough
Read our lips
(Silently) Enough is Enough
And by the way
(Shout) Vagina !!!