Granny with an Attitude

  • from the E-Vine
  • Rap

I’m a Granny with an attitude and I’m a rapper too.
I have a little song I want to rap for you.
I have grave concern about the feminine form,
‘Cause the fashion world dictates emaciation’s the norm.
Paintings and movies say it wasn’t always so.
Check out Ruben’s full figured women and Marilyn Monroe.
Then along came Twiggie and the skinny look was in.
Women have been paying ever since to be thin.
We’ve got bulimia, anorexia, exercise and diet,
Money to be spent on gadgets that defy it.
Then, there’s girdles, liposuction, tummy tucks and stays
And if that’s not enough, there’s so many other ways
But, I say, whether you’re old, young, short tall, voluptuous or thin
Be proud of who you are! Don’t let those fashion gurus win!