Happy Birthday Shirley 2012

  • by Laurie Rostholder
  • tune: Daisy, Daisy

Shirley, Shirley, give us your answer true,
How can we grow o-old just like you?
We want energy just like you’ve got,
And we want to be hot.
We won’t take less.
You effervesce.
We wa-ant to be like you!

Maybe Shirley you-oo will tell us all,
How you manage to completely enthrall.
Your picture’s in the papers,
From so many of your capers.
You know everyone,
You phenomenon.
We wa-ant to be like you!

You do so many ki-inds of different things,
Belly dancing, acting, of course you sing.
You took the stage in New York,
And boldly invaded their bulwark.
We can’t wait to see,
That Nor-wegian movie,
We wa-ant to be like you!

You like Doc Martin and lots of serious books,
Economics and how the bankers are crooks.
Of course you don’t have strong opinions,
Just ask all of your minions.
How do you do it?
We all bene-fit.
And Shirley we do love you!

Happy Birthday!!!!