On the Streets Where We Live

  • by Monica Zucker
  • tune: On the Street Where You Live

You must understand why we live out here.
You must know that we need not be any cause of fear.
We need treat-ment, and insurance,
Or we can’t leave the streets where we live.

There are centers now where we could get care.
If you’d fund them we’d escape this awful, long nightmare.
No more jailing, no institutions—
We’d get off of the streets where we live.

And oh, that wonderful feeling!
To have care and jobs and a life,
And homes that further our healing,
And lives restored and joy and freedom from strife!

So fund mental health just like heart disease.
Take us off the streets and shelters and the jailhouse—please!
Let us live our lives with our families—
And not die on the streets where we live.