On Top of the White House

  • by Hinda Kipnis
  • tune: On Top of Old Smoky

On top in the White House,
All covered with dough,
Struts our strong leader
Keeping us in the know.

“No” to Kyoto—
Global warming ain’t so.
Outlawing land mines?
A compassionate “no, no.”

No Child Left Behind,
Bright future in store.
Wal-Mart’s awaiting,
And the Army needs more.

No problems with health care
Drug companies can’t fix.
Just don’t lose your job,
And NEVER get sick.

Our right-wing leader,
With orders from God!
Have faith in our war hawk—
(speak) Honest lies are his job.

On top in the White House,
It’s time for his nap.
With month-long vacations,
Being President’s a snap!