Voter’s Lament

  • by Kay Thode
  • tune: St. James Infirmary

Oh, I went to the poll booth
And what did I see
But a ballot so peculiar
That it puzzled me.
I punched out the holes
As best as I could,
Cause I didn’t want Bush,
I knew where I stood…Democratic.

When the votes were all counted,
Al Gore he had won,
But the new president
Is George Bush’s son…How can that be?

So this is what we gotta do,
To stop that man from carrying through
His plan to wreck the environment,
And end the right to choose,
And give us all the blues…Real Blues.

We’ve gotta get together and unite,
Black, brown and yellow, red and white;
Work like H to prevent
George from carrying out his intent…Together, united!