Afghan Smart Bombs

  • by Monica Zucker
  •  (tune: Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay)

Heard the war news on TV?
Smart bombs fill the air you see,
Target only military
With their pinpoint accuracy.

  • Afghan go boom de ay!
    Bombs never go astray.
    Some folks get in the way,
    But that’s the price you pay.

’Cause our bombs are so precise
We hit only what’s not nice–
Just a careful warlike slice,
Though we miss it once or twice.

  • We love Afghanistan!
    We’re after just one man,
    And evil Taliban.
    At least that is the plan.

Just as we did in Iraq,
Claim our smart bombs are on track.
Propaganda herds the pack—
That won’t bring the children back!

  • Afghan go boom de ay!
    Smart bombs will win the day—
    Or that’s the game we play.
    Afghan go BOOM!