Danger in the Night

  • The Raging Grannies Songbook, 1993
  • tune: Strangers in the Night

Danger in the night!
We must be wary.
Strangers in the night
Are pretty scary.
Danger in the night,
Until the daylight comes.

When we go out at night
It is not easy
On streets that have no light.
Some guys are sleazy.
We should have no fright
Until the daylight comes.

Men who push us off
The darkened sidewalk
Just want us to think
They’re full of power.
We just think they stink
When try shoving us around
We will not be shoved around.

We will not be scared–
We must have freedom.
We tonight have dared
To take our freedom
We will walk the street
And we’ll be unafraid.

Come along with us—
We’ll walk together.
Walk along with us—
We’re strong together.
This is now the time,
Now it is the time,
We together must
Take back the night!