Dangerous Grans

  • tune: Lili Marlene

We might be subversive—
Throw us in the clink.
We persist in thinking
When it’s not safe to think.
We poke and we pry and then tell you
What they’d prefer that no one knew.
A geriatric menace—
We instigate dissent.

We defy their wiretaps,
We might moon their snoops,
And we shall go on meeting
If they outlaw our groups.
We’ll read and we’ll write the things we please
For we believe in liberty.
We’re dangerous insurgents—
We love the Bill of Rights.

They try to keep the lid on,
Try to shut us up.
Ridicule won’t do it,
So better call a cop.
We’ve been around and we don’t scare.
We’re here, we’re there, we’re everywhere,
Your neighbors, friends, and mothers—
We are the Raging Grans!
Your neighbors, friends and mothers—
We are the Raging Grans!