Gaggle Against Everything

Oh, we’re a gaggle of Grannies,
Urging you off of your fannies.
We’re raising our voice-
We want a new choice-
No more—-

You’ll hear them all soon

With all the issues unending.
And lousy choices that’re pending
It may be health care-
Or coal destroying the air
No more—

You’ll hear them all soon

There are so many things to sing of,
We feel like we’ ll go nuts,
Overwhelmed by war and havoc,
And politicians with no guts.

So join this gaggle of grannies,
Get up off of your fannies.
We’ re telling you now,
We’ re angry and how. . ,
No more war,
no more nukes,
no more homelessness,
no more greed,
no more cuts,
no more hunger,
no more torture,
no more lousy mental health treatment,
no more sexism,
no more homophobia,
no more ageism,
no more global warming,
no more bad education,
no more intolerance,
no more rendition,
no more guns,
no more tazers,
no more drones,
no more coal,
no more racism,
no more foreclosures,
no more extremism,
no more domestic violence,
no more expensive inaccessible health care,
no more dolphins guarding nuclear weapons,
no more clear cutting,
no more gas guzzlers,
no more poverty,
no more domestic spying,
no more us versus them

(To Audience) “Anything else?”

(Then back to us)
no more saggy boobs (what?)
no more singing off tune

We really mean it! All of the above!
We mean precisely! All of the above!
We will say it very nicely!
All of the above!
Read our lips!
All of the above!