Radical Environmentalists – XL Pipeline

  • tune: She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain

Oh, we’re radical environmentalists.
We’re radical environmentalists.
We like clean air and clean water,
And our beaches in good order.
We’re radical environmentalists.

Oh, we don’t like energy from fossil fuels,
And we know that frackin’ kills-We ain’t no fools!
And we’d rather see those windmill blades
Than nuclear plants in the Everglades!
We’re radical environmentalists!

We’ve seen drilling; we’ve seen fracking in our time,
But we’ll stand against that damned XL pipeline.
We don’t want their gas and oil
Mucking up our earth and soil,
‘Cause we’re radical environmentalists!

Yes, we’re radical environmentalists.
Mess with Mother Earth, it makes us pissed!
So get out and tell the others
That the Earth is still our mother…
Then you’ll all be true environmentalists!