Iraq Smart Bombs

  • by Monica Zucker
  • tune: Ta Ra Ra Boom de Ay

Heard the war news on TV?
We must bomb Iraq, says he.
Target only military,
With our pinpoint accuracy.
Iraq go boom de ay!
Smart bombs don’t go astray.
Some folks get in the way,
But that’s the price you pay.
We must have a new regime!
No more weapons is our theme.
Mideast power is our scheme.
Easy pickin’s is our dream.
We love Iraqis, so
Saddam has got to go.
He is our only foe.
Who’ll rule then? WE DON’T KNOW!

As before we bombed Iraq.
Claimed our smart bombs were on track.
Propaganda herds the pack.
That won’t bring the children back.
Iraq go boom de ay.
Smart bombs will win the day–
Or that’s the game we play.
Iraq go BOOM!