Oh, North Korea

  • tune: Bye Bye Black Bird
    (From the perspective of fish)
    By Laurie Rostholder

Are you aiming missiles at me,
Cause they’ll be landing in the sea..
Oh North Korea.
Kim Jung Un is not much fun,
Likes his fish // overdone_
Oh North Korea.

Leaders in the States respond with war drums,
They are not considering the outcomes.
If you want good fish to eat,
You had best turn down the heat
Or it’s farm fish, yum, yum. Yuck.

Do you want your fish uncooked,
Without that mushroom-clouded look?
Oh North Korea.
Sushi you will get no more
And nothing wild in the store.
Oh North Korea.

US military’s playing war games,
Provoking North Korea is an endgame.
Why won’t they consider me
Poor little fishy in the sea?
I’m not to blame!