Radical New Economists

  • tune: She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain

Oh, we’re radical new economists,
We’re radical new economists,
We like health care and fair wages,→
And sweatshops give us rages, //
We’re radical new economists.

We like rules made out in public, yes we do,
And ones that serve all people, wouldn’t you?
We’re tired of all the corporate greed→ That hurts the people on Main Street, //
We’re radical new economists.

We like trade that’s local and that’s fair,
And doesn’t transport coal or pollute air,
We like farms owned by the farmers→ Not those agribusiness charmers, //
We’re radical new economists.

So, join these radical new economists
Who say get rid of WTO.
Let’s set up a fair new system,→ One we can exist in, //
As radical new economists.