Raging Grannies Are Conspiring

  • by Laurie Rostholder
  • tune: I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

Raging Grannies are conspiring
To make their audience laugh.
Satire is so very frightening
It’s clearly a (speak) TERRORIST path.

Listen to their conversation.
They speak of peace not war.
Anti-Bush recriminations-
They always go too far.

Metal in their hips,
Metal in their knees,
They’re hiding weapons
No one can see.

We have found them out,
Know what they’re all about,
A peace and social justice

Someone’s singing for justice,
Someone’s singing for an end to war,
Someone’s singing for fairness,
Scaring us to the core…

We’re scared of:

Gaggles of grannies singing their song
Gaggles of grannies make us quake,
Gaggles of grannies must be watched
Our country is at stake.

Grannies with their hats
A bunch of old bats
Scaring us with
What they sing.

If they ever stay in tune
That will surely spell our doom
Spreading freedom and democracy.

We’re raging

Grannies singing for justice,
Grannies singing for an end to war,
Grannies singing for fairness
World Peace Forevermore!