The System

  • tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

The bosses get millions in bonus.
The workers get minimum wage.
It’s time for a different system—
Let’s write a bra-and new page.

They’ve downsized the wages, not profits.
They’re managing all of our health.
It’s time for a new distribution—
Give workers their share of the wealth!

They’ve sent our jobs out of the country.
They’ve sent our jobs over the sea.
It’s time that we made a commotion.
Oh, get rid of free trade for me.

Clean up the air and the water.
Give kids something useful to do.
Fix up the roads and the bridges.
Don’t cut jobs for all but a few.

Make weapons of war—you’ll get riches.
Teach kids in our schools—you will not.
It’s a very perverse kind of system,
Which certainly needs to be fought.