Three Raging Grannies

  • by Monica Zucker
  • tune: Three Little Maids from School

To be sung by three sopranos very delicately.

Three Raging Grannies singing gently
Try not to act too temperament’ly
But we know a hundred percently
Nothing is going well.

War is the base of much bereaving,
Rights are gone, our jobs are leaving,
Homes are lost—we’re disbelieving
They’ll ever end this spell.

First two wars so devastating
Invasion labeled liberating
Then Katrina inundating–
Many more tales to tell

Let’s hope the new administration
Finds ways to use negotiation,
Ends our despair and deep frustration
Let peace and freedom swell!

Three Raging Grans sing very sweetly.
We’ll sock it to ’em oh so neatly.
We should impeach them all completely!
Everything’s gone to (cover mouth, deep bow).